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Veronica Avluv is a passionate and enthusiastic performer who has quickly made a name for herself in the adult film industry. Originally from Rowlett, Texas, she is now a Las Vegas resident. The things she loved as a child are still some of her favorite activities; laughing, singing, dancing, hiking, riding horses, taking care of animals, cooking and stargazing. Now as a grown woman in her late 30′s Veronica adds a few “grown up” things to that list; sex, sex, orgasms, role play, spankings (receiving), lingerie, high heels and being an exhibitionist!

She started stripping in some of the high end clubs in Dallas such as Cabaret Royale and Million Dollar Salloon at the ripe young age of 18 and quickly decided to move to Southern California to enjoy the beaches and the clubs there. Plus, she had lots of modeling offers in California, so she packed up her stripper bag and headed to the Golden State.

Her love for being in front of the camera, though, was something Veronica was truly missing and so she decided to get back into modeling. That led to meeting Diana Doll on a foot fetish shoot and later, Dylan Ryder, who had approached her to do makeup and hair for a porn. Both of those wonderful ladies answered all of Veronica’s questions about working in porn, and being a big fan of skin flicks, she decided to make a home video of herself masturbating and squirting and took some pictures of herself to send to an agent. They immediately swooped Veronica up and she started doing hardcore GG scenes in January of 2010. The experience and exposure was thrilling to her and she quickly became popular with the GG fans base. In August of 2010, Veronica was offered a very lucrative job based on sales in the cosmetic dental industry and fearing that she might lose the opportunity with that job if her porn identity was discovered by her bosses, she resigned from making movies. Fortunately for her fans, selling dental products to dentists didn’t seem to be her forte, so after a stint of trying that, she went to work in the malls and boutiques of her new home in Vegas as a freelance makeup artist for a major cosmetic line.

That led to a chance meeting via phone with Keiran Lee in December 2010 who asked Veronica if she wanted to start shooting BG scenes. She enthusiastically said yes and Keiran connected her with Brazzers! Her first 5 BG scenes were shot exclusively for them and, as they say, the rest is history!!!

“I’m very grateful to Keiran for connecting me with such wonderful people,” Veronica says.

We can all tell that Veronica AvLuv loves sex and showing her passion and pleasure to the world!

ABOUT HER OFFICIAL SITE: Every week there will be 100’s of sexy new hardcore, Hi-Res pictures of me doing naughty sexy things for your pleasure and enjoyment! I love sharing all my adventures with you- I know you’ll be aroused and excited by how explicit and close up these pictures are and how erotic I can be with all my horny friends!! Members have unlimited access to view and download all my naughty pics!

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5 thoughts on “About Veronica Avluv

  1. Hello Veronica my name is Luca I’m 30 and I’m writing from Italy. I wanted to write you this email because last night I watched a movie where you were one of the stars and is called “Lesbian Seductions 32 “. In your scene you’re fantastic a physicist to say the least amazing! Then I also saw that you like the worship of the feet as I also love to have them licked divinely to your friend! I saw your feet are beautiful and I must say that I felt like lick immediately when I saw them …. It’s a practice that also like to you? You made ​​other films in which you use your feet in a few scenes? While I wait for your answer I am sending you a kiss where you want it … Luca

  2. Hi Veronica. How are ya doing? I have watch a few of your movies and I just want to say that you are amazing and Gorgeous gal. I wish I get a chance to hear from ya. Hopefully to meet ya one day. I hope get a hugs and kisses from ya. Love to hear from ya. Jeremy

  3. I am so so jealous of your Mac burshes. I use one brush for my eye shadow mostly too. I just brush the excess off when swapping colours on the back of my hand and have never had colour seeping issues that way. I try to use lighter colours before the darker one’s, but all of this is in an upcoming post, I promise!

  4. Dear Veronica, I am writing because for me you are not just a pornstar, you are a poet, you’re really much more. We do not know .. is true, however, you are my favorite pornstar! I hope one day I can meet you, you came into my heart. I’ve seen all your movies. I Like You Very much, I want to have sex with you at least once in my life. Probably my dream to meet you never come true, but after all it does not matter to much to me just to see your video. I hope I’ve sent all the respect and all the love I feel for you, because there is no better woman, you are really to be married! Thanks Veronica, your fan forever.

  5. hello Veronica, I want to tell you that madly I admire your beauty and talent. your abilities to finish dements me, the member to become at once firm! ! I invite you on a visit, in Rossiya.Priyezzhay, you will remain it is happy))) I kiss everywhere! ! !

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