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Nothing like having a man over, a real man, well built with a nice big hard cock! This guy was so physically fit, what turn on. I must have came, I don’t know how many times! We started by softly kissing each other on the couch, that quickly turned into much more. He went down on me right away & I knew right then & there I was going to get my fill! So I sucked his cock until he as ready to give me a good hard fucking. It was so hot when he blasted his load all over my big tits.

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Squirting Fuxtravaganza Part 2


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Well this is part 2 of the sex scene with Ralph Long the spoon man. It’s more sex madness as I suck and fuck Ralph more and squirt more too! This scene was a blast and the guys on the set were great. I loved fucking Ralph & his spoon shaped cock. I think I set a personal record for fucking on camera. I fucked Ralph in this scene for well over a hour! Please enjoy part 2 & if you haven’t seen part 1, you will want to check that out too in my exclusive members area on the Pornstar Platinum Network!

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Squirting Fuxtravaganza Part 1


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I’m on the set with Porno Dan & the spoon man, Ralph Long. Why do they call Ralph the Spoon man? Well it aint cause he plays spoon music on his leg I’ll tell you that! His long cock is in the shape of a spoon thats why! And it’s great for fucking, it’s naturally curved! So after the lil introduction by Porno Dan, it’s time to suck the hell out of spoon! This is total reality as you will see & I made sure the editors left as much in as possible! The guys on the set went out and purchased some mats just for this fucking crazy scene! Watch me squirt, this scene is one hell of a scene, as Ralph fucks the liquid out of me! The scene was so damn long we had to break into 2 parts! Part 2 is coming right after this one!

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Doctoring up Britney Stevens!


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I’m the Gynecologist Doctor today & my patient is Britney Stevens. I love it when she comes for a check up down there. So while I was examining her pussy I was hearing strange noises, well not really it was just a excuse to get close to her love box. One thing led to another & another & I was able to get Britney to actually cum, just what the doctor ordered! And wouldn’t you know it right after I was able to get Britney Stevens to cum, in walks Mr. Cure, a CPA. I had to get another opinion & he was there so why not. Again one naughty thing led to another & it wasn’t long till we were both stroking, sucking & fucking Mr. Cure’s hot wet hard cock! Yes just what the doctor ordered!

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Fuck Myself!


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Just for today I have honestly run out of skit names and ideas so I’m going to simply fuck myself for you! Do you like this gold piece I’m wearing? I look hot ha? I have also let me hair grow longer, it hasn’t been this long in a very long time! Ok so… sit back take out your already hard cocks & start pumping it up & down, and please oh please cum with me when I do at the very end!

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Let me tell you it’s not all the time that I get with a big hard black cock, let alone Nat Tuner‘s big hard black cock! Luckly for me my producer knows Nat & there ya go, exclusive interracial content heaven. I couldn’t hardly speak by the time he was done with me, watch this set in my exclusive members area you’ll know what I’m talking about! I squirted a whole bunch too! Sit back & make some popcorn if you want & enjoy, well maybe no popcorn just your hard cock! Here is a sneak peek of what happened! Enjoy!


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Hot Fucking POV with Justice!


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Ok I am here with Justice who fucked me really good on camera a while back. If you haven’t seen it please watch its in my exclusive members area. So Im poolside, & no Justice isn’t going to play the part of some pool service dude or yard worker, nope. We are set up to do a Hot POV scene. This scene is true reality; a fearsome POV to say the least! Sign up, sit back, and start jerking off. You will cum to this, Im sure because it gets really hot between us. I really did enjoy his big cock.
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Fun In Rubber!


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Please sign up to my exclusive site and download this entire sexy photo set. I shot it a while ago & I think these pics look really sexy. I loved wearing this rubber top, look at my sharp pointy nipples aren’t they great! Now just imagine fucking me while wearing this rubber outfit, mmmm I bet I could make you really cum fast while I wore this hot latex and rubbed against your body! mmm That would be fun!
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Anal Toy Lesson with Nina Hartley!


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I shot this set a while ago & let me tell you I learned so much! I’m here on the set with the legendary pornstar Nina Hartley & her wide array of sex toys. This is quite a scene let me tell you if you watch it all, you will learn a lot about assholes and especially mine that’s for sure. This is a must see for anal sex lovers. I love you Nina thanks for teaching me so much!!!!
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